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Setting yourself apart from the pack requires two things-talent and tools! If you can master both you will be on your way to something life changing. Raw talent in Los Angeles CA is not enough to take you to the next level. People come from around the globe to find their big break in LA. Talent combined with mixing and mastering from a professional recording studio is the recipe that creates amazing sound. You bring your talent to Bonzirecording and you get the finished product that exceeds expectations!

The Professional Edge

Mastering and engineering to complement the talent is what Bonzirecording offers. Mixing and mastering is a talent in and of itself, when done right it can take music to an entirely ethereal level for the listener. The professional edge is what you find at Bonzirecording the music mixing studio with the talent that it takes to turn out original one of a kind sounds.

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Music Mixing Recording Studio Los Angeles CA

Bonzirecording Production Company represents the modern way of producing music and Voice Over.
With two fully loaded Recording Studios located in Los Angeles, CA and Providence RI, we take a highly dedicated approach to every one of our projects, working closely with the artist to produce a high quality final product. Whether you need vocal tuning, mixing or a remote multitrack recording Bonzirecording has the equipment and the knowledge to give you the best professional product at the most competitive rates.

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Why Bonzirecording?

If you had to sum up one word why recording artists, choose Bonzirecording you hear the same thing repeatedly “passion”. It is the passion that you find for the music, for the talent that creates the relationship that gets just the right sound. Here are some other reasons talented people are clamoring to work with the masters:

  • Support from early conception to the finished product
  • Expertise in all areas of production
  • From demos to mixing to post production your project is the most important

Dedication to the sound and taking raw talent to the next level is what you want in a recording studio. Expertise, experience and an ear that is highly trained and impeccable is what will take your sound from good to exceptional! Don’t risk your talent to a recording studio that cannot support you the way you deserve! Contact us!