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Post Production


We offer several services that will help our fellow film makers achieve the best sounding movies, commercials, and series.  Our facility is designed to deliver well balanced mixes and host production executives and actors in a comfortable and cozy space.

We take advantage of the latest digital technology to deliver the best possible final mix for your project.  We will get rid of any unwanted noise or hums from your production recording, perfectly match your ADR to the scene, and balance your effects and music seamlessly together with it all.  When we are finished, your project is guaranteed to stand out above others at screenings and film festivals.







Gary DeLeone (iMDB) has been professionally mixing some of the finest TV shows for the past decade and will be supervising all our Post Production material, from start to finish.

His expertise and dedication are preceding his name and we will deliver extremely professional and polished results with any production.

Vocal Tuning

– ADR –

We offer full service ADR and voiceover recording as either a standalone service, or even during the mix if you discover a bad line late in the game (we know these things can happen!).  Our large projector screen in the mixing room and flat screen monitor in the isolation booth provides the ultimate comfort for both the client and the actor.  


We charge $55/hour for ADR and Voice-Over. We charge $75/hour for post production Mixing.

Please contact us if you have any questions.