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Vocal Tuning

Welcome to our World renowned tuning service!

The fastest and most transparent Vocal Tuning, trusted by multi-grammy award artists around the World.

Vocal Tuning is an art. We use the latest technology to craft a vocal performance to perfection, using the most advanced software like Revoice Pro, Melodyne, Elastic Audio, Auto Tune, iZotope Nectar and Waves Tune. These are all fantastic tools with different nuances that give us the ability to manipulate your vocal tracks the way you want.

Send us the individual tracks that need correction. Also send us a rough mix of the entire song so that we have a reference track to tune the vocals with. Tracks must have the same starting point.
Our experienced staff of musicians and engineers will make sure that your vocals, backup vocals, and instruments are in perfect harmony and rhythm with one another.

Vocal Tuning

Upload your music files using the window at the bottom of the page, and in less then 24 hours we will do one or more of the following things to your song:

  • Correct a vocal track where the pitch was not quite right
  • Align vocal tracks together to make them tight and effective
  • Fix the rhythm of a particular vocal line
  • Give a “robotic” effect to the vocals (known today as “T-Pain Effect”)
  • Transpose an entire tune
  • Add interesting backup vocals where there are none
  • We can even reverse the effects of poor pitch correction if the correction is too evident
  • Get rid of noisy plosives
  • Soften harsh “S” sounds with exaggerated sibilance
  • Clean the track from humming fans or noise in general
  • Enhance your vocals though our state of the art processing

Check out our tutorial video

for instructions on how to get

the best result out of our service.

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Due to the large variety of vocal tuning scenarios it’s very hard for us to give a price list. Every project is different and requires different prices based on the amount of time we spend on your tracks. Our most common rate is $65 for 1 track which could get as low as $25 per vocal track for larger track counts. Only after opening your sessons and estimating the work that is needed we’ll be able to provide an accurate quote at no cost.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to find out about special offers and packages!

Upload your files

To get started, enter your e-mail address and upload your WAV or AIFF files NOT MP3 and  NOT ZIPPED in the box beside or just use your favorite file sharing website. Don’t forget to notify us through our contact page to let us know the details of your tuning job.


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